October 13th, 2004

the only earth?

PayGo! PayGo! PayGo!

All that I'll say about the debate joint press appearance is that I watched it with a fine group of americans and at least one Candadian at the Capitol Hill Arts Center underground lounge on a big screen. However, it seems that they were using a coat hanger antenna to receive the broadcast signal and the video portion occasionally cut out, giving the feeling of some early twentieth century gathering around a radio in the dark.

I will also mention that I was not even close to making a debate BINGO. Kerry refused to say Hoover. I also left it at CHAC, along with my notes on most of Bush's ridiculous comments.

Bush seemed to have been coached not to rant or scowl and instead had a permanent monkey grin (/ smirk) throughout. It wasn't enough. Cutting down the moderator's news agency was a nice touch. For an anti-intellectual, he was certainly a fan of education as a cure for every single problem. Even with his self-imposed sub-literate bar, he still lost (52-39, cnn) . As if that matters.


After the debate, a few of us (Jeff, Jeffrey the Canadian, and Carolyn) got the hell out of CHAC before the poetry slamming began and had dinner and talked for a long time about political things at the Elysian.
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