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October 12th, 2004

the only earth?

why you might not want to use network solutions

Gizmodo explains how Network Solutions is draining the Gawker Media Empire of days and days of cash money:
They reserve the right to disable any of your domains if there is any random issue with your account, then drag their feet to remedy their fuck up. [gizmodo]
For your daily dose of NYC media cultural obsession, go old school and use the IP address,
i am not a stuffed tiger.

new recurring feature! groups who don't like g.w.b.

Notable content from Slate highlights constituencies against Bush. Some expected and some not so much.

First, the non-surprising result that 24 of 31 polled writers are voting for Kerry. Or maybe it's surprising that 3 of 31 support Bush? What unfolds is a eloquent and often moving set of responses to why they feel the way they do. A sub-non-surprising finding is that novelists are good with words [slate]

Second, anecdotal evidence shows that there exists a level of wealth were people switch from Republican to Democrat, and that this level tracks nicely with the "fuck you money" threshold. Admittedly, the survey was not scientific, but coupled with the link to the 200 business leaders who endorse KE04, the ultra rich are doing their best to combat the cold hearted captain of industry stereotype. [slate]


note: the above findings do not diminish the humor of Billionaires for Bush.
chair, apartment

the golden age

Today I went to campus to look up some articles in actual printed volumes. I really went for another reason, but while I was there I decided to subject myself to the library; since the Health Sciences Building is so much more complete with the opportunity to navigate the maze of several floors and wings. The point being that even though I've tried to ignore non online content, I finally caved here and marched around, flipped through the pages, and walked up to the drastically overpriced ($0.15/page!) photocopying machines in the name of research.

I will do my best not to cite these articles, out of spite and to protect future generations from the library.


By the time that I was finished on campus, I was starving and decided to eat at solstice before returning to my office. I forgot that it was still morning until after I'd ordered vaguely lunch type food.


The new McSweeney's arrived today. It is not as gorgeous as number thirteen, but it looks a lot like the original in terms of style and content; so I'm really looking forward to reading it.


I feel like I should see the Fiery Furnaces at the Crocodile tonight, but I don't think it's going to happen. Instead, I'm watching what's looking to be a pretty hopeless game for the Red Sox. I'm actually not a huge partisan here.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

my instead of

Tonight, I watched the Frontline profile of the George Bush and John Kerry called, cleverly, "The Choice 2004." [#] Over two hours, they present a measured thoughtful portrait of the candidates as a series of overlapping biographies, interviews, and video clips. It is a decidedly subtle piece of work, but important contrasts accumulate. I'd guess that fans of both might even find something to like. For my part, I was surprised by how much Bush's political career has been informed by an Evangelical mission, while Kerry's use of his experience during and after the Vietnam War as a central metaphor for his public service is probably less groundbreaking.

If it hasn't already aired in your area, keep an eye out. Otherwise, tune in and watch it online starting on the 15th of October.


For those who prefer text-based and more specific (to foreign policy) comparisons, the profile of John Kerry in last weekend's New York Times Magazine is worth reading, if for no other reason than to get the context for Bush's latest attacks of Kerry's goal to reduce terrorism to a "nuisance." [nyt]


Is there anything edgier than staying home to watch PBS on a Tuesday night? I tell you, this could be the way of the future.