October 8th, 2004

the only earth?

just the facts?

Slate's Fred Kaplan presents the true story regarding the statistics touted by Bush and Cheney as proof of the success in Iraq -- namely the number of security forces trained, the size of the coalition, and the progress of the reconstruction. The group refuting the administration's claims is the U.S. State Department in its Iraq Weekly Status Report [slate]


the past couple days of content at Slate has just been excellent; I'll try not to link to every article.
the only earth?

free speech, what?

Not that anyone should be surprised by blatant lies from BC04, but this piece on Morning Edition was pretty good. It's about the rights of campaign event planners and attendees.
"The crowds aren't screened. We love the fact that these events are usually huge. We certainly welcome very much folks that want to listen to what the president has to say regardless of their affiliation regardless of who they intend to support." -- Ken Melman, Bush Campaign Chairman. [npr]
Following that quote, are a litany of stories from people who tried to see Bush but were denied at the gate, removed from the event, and threatened with secret service investigation or jail time if they fail to comply.

They tried to find people who were denied entrance to Kerry events, but could only find one person who declined to comment.


In the long run, maybe this will hurt Bush when he has to face a group of non-rabid fans in tonight's town hall style debate.

hoping it matters

I spent the afternoon doing techfee things, an unofficial meeting and then trying to keep up on the office stuff that's not being done since we're without a coordinator at the moment.

When things were basically taken care of, I went to the IMA to swim before meeting up with epidemiologists for happy hour and debate watching. We convinced the bar staff to turn from the Yankees-Twins game so that we could watch on the large screen. Though it seemed like a unconvincing request, Finn MacCool's was soon filled with participatory debate watchers.

Bush seemed really annoyed and rude at the beginning of the debate, but I'm sort of willing to blame that on our close position to the speakers. Still, I think that Kerry was at least slightly better. Even if you're the type to call it a tie (which I'm not. Bush had some really bad answers, particularly about mistakes and the environment, looked testy, and affirmed that he was against slavery when discussing the supreme court; Kerry looked calm and tall and answered more coherently, keeping the focus on the incumbent); it's still a Kerry win, since the "tie goes to the challenger."

But, the noise of the loudness of the debate coupled with an impromptu drinking game leave me kind of headachey and tired.
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Main floor tickets for Interpol at the Paramount Theater (22 October) are re-available at Ticketmaster. This surprise availability turned my indecision about the show to an impulse purchase.

Anyone else going?