September 30th, 2004

the only earth?


doesn't registering to vote look like the hot new trend? more pictures from last night's libertines show, including fantastic volunteer photos, posted on my flickr photostream.
the only earth?

when you notice the stripes

The 100% most entertaining part of the debates was watching the cameras trying to keep the same amount of blue space above Bush and Kerry, which must have been in the contract. It was even more apparent due to the stripes on each podium.

By the end, you could hardly see the stripes on Kerry's but could see the entire striped section as well as part of the base on Bush's podium.



p.s. war is "hard work" especially on the television screens.
the only earth?

taking pills and mellowing out

(apparently, I haven't made an activities of daily living post all week. you, no doubt, have been on the edge of your seat in anticipation of an update)

Did I mention that my family e-mail list has been having an election war? Not a Bush-Kerry election war, but a engagement-apathy e-mail battle. It caused me a great deal of anxiety at the time, which just illustrates the point that maybe I should try to care less about it and just start planning to get the hell out of the country. Or start trying to buy medication over the internet.

One thing that I learned on Monday afternoon when I decided to turn off the computer and go for a bus ride is that it's hard to find a store in Seattle that sells swimming gear. For instance, the Adidas Store devotes an entire wall to a backlit photo of the Thorpedo, touting his remarkable record and personal triumph over a childhood chlorine allergy, yet does not carry any swimming products. Thus, another shopping adventure ended with the internet.

I can't really remember anything about Tuesday. At work, I've been starting a new project; so most of the day is just looking at online databases and thinking about how I'm going to consolidate a bunch of information in a way that's not entirely stupid. This means thinking that I wish I knew how to write better computer programs.

From today's flickr post, you might have deduced that I volunteered at the Libertines show for Music for America. It was a neat show, great energy, and really a lot of people in the audience who were not US citizens. Most of them seemed really sad that they couldn't vote in the election.

Tonight I went over to Carolyn's house to watch the debate with some epidemiology friends. Watching with other people actually cut down on the screaming at the television factor; so this was probably a good idea. I pretty much felt like I was going to throw up before seeing it and afterwards, not so much. I think this means that Kerry well enough.

I'm hoping that the result holds up in the (sickeningly) all-important spin war.