September 12th, 2004

beach, outside

evading ivan (sunday)

The morning started with a grocery list, and Rhiannon and I hit the local Food Lion to stock the house refrigerator. We learned that once you go to sharp cheddar, you never go back and that it's best to leave the deli-sliced cheese out for about ten minutes to avoid crumbling. We continued to witness the OBX sensibility of shirtless men with creative facial hair, and occasional nipple piercings. Also, the presence of E. Euro workers.

With the constant threat of Ivan, we took advantage of the weather and spent the afternoon on the beach. Being off-season, things were pretty quiet. Pelicans took turns flying over. People on a nearby deck laughed heartily once per hour. Down the beach, a dog barked at a baby. At some point, it might have been replaced by a similar, labradorish friend. Shifts, I guess.

There were red flags warning against swimming; so we have yet to face the angry sea. Except, of course, when it challenged our disrespect for it's mighty tides by setting up camp too close to the water. Twice, the incoming tide washed over our beach mats and sent us scurrying further up the beach.

At home, we played a bunch of games. Pit was enlivened by the addition of coupons to the mix. One featured an apparently nude woman. The result of an unfortunate transformation of polka dots from color to black and white. During Scene It, I was relegated to being the DVD master (a.k.a. remote control wrangler) after exhibiting a preference for not being covered with salt and sunscreen. The timer is very dramatic.

For dinner, we did battle with the grill, where once again the biggest challenge was in the proper heating of turkey burgers. This resulted in very prematurely cooked everything else, but we eventually had a very successful meal.

According to tradition, we played Settlers of Catan. In some circles, we learned that the "robber" / black figure is referred to as "the Negro." This is hilarious and completely awful.