September 8th, 2004

chair, apartment

short week (tues)

The barista at Vivace bought me my cappuccino out of remorse for not making one last week foamy enough, apparently.

I also spent the day working at the office, swimming at the IMA, and finding out that very few of my Bumbershoot pictures were developable. I guess I knew that was a possibility, and using my old SLR in various lighting situations was mostly an experiment to see if it still worked. It turns out not to be very reliable, since its ability to capture any images at all seem unrelated to the setting.

Kind of disappointing, but it makes me more eager for the arrival of my digital camera, which is has been sitting on a Seattle FedEx ramp since 4 am.
i am not a stuffed tiger.


The article in this month's Wired about Gordon Rugg, his "verifier approach," the debunking of the Voynich manuscript, and the dangers and remedies of overspecialization in science is probably my favorite article of the month. A somewhat represntave paragraph:
... while having lunch with colleague Joanne Hyde, it occurred to Rugg that he could pull together all the tools psychologists use - elicitation techniques, the vast literature on human error, decisionmaking models, formal logic and reasoning - to create a novel form of problem-solving: a scientific method to verify the methods of science. [wired]
It may turn out to be one of those Wired articles that's really exciting, but never comes true. For today though, I was fascinated.