September 4th, 2004


the long weekend (sat)

Nothing happened on Saturday, unless you count my going to see the Unicorns at Neumo's. Compared to the last time [-161d], they were much better. At least in terms of having a setlist / not a lot of dead chatty time. Less better in terms of animatronic Santas. Better in terms of ghosts/terrorists and a shirtless guy with a wig on stage and dealing with hecklers. Good times.
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i am not a stuffed tiger.

why, frances, why?

Can someone please explain the television journalism convention of sending a human to stand outside in ridiculously bad weather to convey storm severity to the home audience? Did early audiences not understand the concept of heavy winds and rain unless the effect was being demonstrated in the form of a ponchoed anchorperson being battered around the coastline?

Could we not understand the forces of nature through remote cameras and a scarecrow?


The phenomenon is especially interesting when the newsperson bemusedly discusses the people who have refused to evacuate the area.

update: apparently, viewer concern about this issue has reached a critical mass, such that the element-battered on-camera talent now addresses their contradictory situation with the explanation of safe buildings and limited exposure to the storms.
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missed opportunity

Going through the last month's stack of mail, I found that I (almost) missed the opportunity to apply for a special Olympic Visa card. [chase]

Mysteriously, only four Collapse ) of the original six options are available. I imagined that the cut choices -- "gymnastics" and "men's basketball" -- were removed for being too generic (not showing one of the gold medal winners) and for featuring an event with disappointing results, respectively. Yet, bronze medal heptathalon winner Shelia Burrell gets her own card.

Luckily, there's still time to commemorate your Michael "8 medals" Phelps fandom with every purchase!