August 27th, 2004


flag waving

King Kaufman, on national pride and encouraging Americans to root for Americans at the Olympics:
You can't explain to the millions of people abroad who hate us, "I am not George W. Bush. I'm not a Dick -- Cheney or Rumsfeld. They are not us. If you could come to our country and eat our barbecue and watch our drag races and visit our museums, you'd probably like us. We're open and blunt and, believe it or not, we have a soft spot for the underdog. We also have a habit of electing scoundrels, but -- hey! Did we mention the barbecue?"[salon]
The blue glow of short-term televised sport is entrancing and all, but I think that it will be good for my mental and physical health for the Olympics to be over in a few days. Still, I will definitely miss the daily Salon sports columns. Perhaps I'll need to start watching more sports, just so I can follow along.