August 22nd, 2004

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behind the curve

On Friday night I saw Napoleon Dynamite and it was better than I expected. This, though, is based on a weird calibration of having heard that it was the best thing ever, which prepared me to anticipate that I would completely hate it.

It turned out to be cute and funny and grew on me, but people seem to think it's like a Wes Anderson movie, which is flippin' crazy. Maybe if Wes Anderson (or his characters) suffered brain damage. This is a Wes Anderson movie: The Life Aquatic: With Steve Zissou [y!].

return of the rainy season?

Yesterday I tried to get people to eat Top Pot doughnuts at Sonic Boom. Music for America was having a listening party for the Future Soundtrack for America [barsuk] and the doughnuts were meant to enhance the party atmosphere. For the most part, unsuspecting customers were weary of free dougnuts, but turned out to be receptive to the CD, which turns out to be rather good, as well as the MfA email signup list.


I think that I'll maybe not as obsessed with the Olympics next week now that it's shifting into the track and field portion. My theory about why running is less entertaining to watch includes components about my own non-love or running and the fact that we have to see the runners' faces in agony while they compete (vs. swimmers whose faces are hidden until they end the race and come up smiling over their win). As they say, developing.

I don't want to underestimate the transformative power of NBC broadcasting.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

in other magazines

The other super-exciting element of the weekend to date was finding a newsstand that hadn't sent back their August issues of Gourmet magazine, which included an essay by David Foster Wallace "about" the Maine Lobster Festival. It is probably not a coincidence that the article was followed by a section on eggplant recipes.

See also: "Lobster tale lands writer in hot water" [boston]

A part of the article almost completely unrelated to the practice of boiling animals alive is posted below.
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