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August 20th, 2004

chair, apartment

a few items

Eating leftover cupcakes, even the delicious Cupcake Royale variety, for breakfast: I think I'm over it. The critical error was eating a whole cupcake instead of a half. I am now ready to die of sugar-related complications.

I think I lost my camera, possibly on the bus. This seems really unlikely; so I'm holding out hope that it's somewhere else. Even worse: the price point for 5 MP cameras doesn't seem to have changed much in two years. If you love/hate your digital camera, please tell me about it, since I might need to start shopping.
chair, apartment

other notes

- dreams featuring the end of the world / emotional breakdowns increasing in frequency.

- yesterday's happy hour was on the deck at I Love Sushi on Lake Union. Even though there was much jockeying for positions in the long shadow of the umbrella, this was a good location and had the nice feel of boardwalks and watercraft without yacht club memberhsip. However, good prices on half rolls, appetizers, and drinks (I was into the saké cocktail), tend to add up, somewhat reducing the budgetary appeal of happy hours.

- the baristas at Cafe Vita were having a music war (One didn't like OutKast, the other did). The OutKast hater thought that the main lyrics in "Hey Ya" were "Baby Doll." The antidote to her hiphop anger was something from Hole's Live Through This. All this in five minutes.
drinking in the dark

real reality

I sort of wondered why no one was talking about the tragic loss of the cousins on The Amazing Race. Apparently everyone was watching the Olympics instead. At last, an appropriate recap of their significance in the reality television world from Dana Stevens:

In the first five weeks of the season, Mirna and Charla quickly became the object of a love/hate cult on the web ... Charla is a dwarf (or to use the preferred term, a little person), while Mirna is a bitch (a condition for which no preferred term yet exists.) The pairing of Mirna and Schmirna (as one fed-up TAR rival dubbed the duo) abounded in two qualities key to reality TV: sanctimonious self-regard and backstabbing treachery. [slate]

I think that their loss highlights a key difference between Jerry Bruckheimer & Mark Burnett: if this show was from the producer of Survivor, I'll bet there would've been a last minute change in the rules (or a switch to non-elimination) to keep the cousins in the game. Still, I think that T.A.R. is slipping a little this year, since no team's byline approaches the previous season's awesome "dating 12 years | virgins" [ar4].