August 11th, 2004

the only earth?

wonko the sane

In other news, product care instructions continue to prove that the world is completely insane.
this garment has been carefully handcrafted to simulate years of use and abuse ... just like your old favorite pair of jeans ... each hole and rip reminds you of a different story
our expert finishers have handcrafted each piece to look individual and unique; the holes, the rips, the stains are intentional (enjoy the holes, the more the better!)
given the nature of this process we suggest using special care

as if toothpick instructions weren't enough evidence!
chair, apartment

the nothing report

I went to pick up sushi at Hana, they were running a half-hour behind schedule. Unfortunately, they didn't tell me this; so I stood outside reading the Stranger waiting until they gave me a cup of soup to slurp while trying not to look homeless. The placation for the lateness continued with extra packets of soy sauce, free edamame, and lots of half-stale fortune cookies. Awesomeness, but the food was good when it eventually arrived.


I watched the How's Your News DVD tonight. It was good, but my expectations were probably far too high.