August 9th, 2004

drinking in the dark

welcome mat

a belated welcome to the new o.e.d. to omnisexual Collapse ) whose entry was made possible in part by the folks at the Seattle Weekly:
Capitol Hill's other main drag continues to flourish as a home to omnisexual hipsters and the people who love them. (2002 21 March)

Not exactly a slow day at the office, I just noticed the June new words link when I went to look up something else.

remainders for the rest of us

with a much less embarrassing name than dude check this out, looks really neat and worth trying [see:].

I think that the trick for this kind of service will be finding a way to fuzzily interpret the tags. I doubt that I can be internally consistent, let alone externally. So basically, I'm hoping that the internet has a solution to undisciplined categorization so that I don't need to change my own bad habits.
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drinking in the dark

slate awesomeness

phrase of the day (in reference to Maxim magazine):
If you take a minute to visit Maxim's Web site you'll see that it is essentially a hobbyist's magazine for guys whose hobby is jerking off. [slate]

no, posting this and omnisexual is not an attempt to boost our search rankings. really.
the only earth?

crazy talk

Alan Keyes was chosen by the Illinois Republican Party to challenge Barack Obama for the open Senate seat, by accepting he made it the first Senate race in which both the Democratic and Republican candidate are African-Americans.

For a good time in headspinning, listen to this interview of Keyes by NPR's Michele Norris [npr] in which he talks circles around himself: primarily on the topics of how his carpetbagging is fundamentally different from Hillary Clinton's (which he decried1) and how his choice was both about and completely unrelated to his race.

I hope that their debates are televised.

(1) In 2000 Alan Keyes said, "I deeply resent the destruction of federalism represented by Hillary Clinton's willingness to go into a state that she doesn't even live in and pretend to represent people; so I certainly wouldn't imitate it."