August 3rd, 2004

the only earth?

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In a Sunday interview, Howard Dean made the assertion that the Bush administration might be using actual terror threats to political advantage [cnn via pandagon] which was widely interpreted as "Dean says Bush is making up threats! The insanity! Outrage! etc."

Oh. Today's targeted Orange Alert turns out to be based on information gathered before 11 September 2001. [nyt via drudgereport]

This is completely unexpected. It's not like the Bush administration would pressure our allies to be sure to capture terrorists before the election or during the Democratic convention. Except for the evidence that they did. [new republic via talkingpoints]


It looks like Dean might have done Kerry a favor by being making such an "outlandish" statement on television. It raised the politicization issue (Keith Olbermann even mentioned the New Republic story on his show [ed: MSNBC was the only tolerable news option while I was cooking dinner].) without KE04 looking bad. Dean being crazy is just expected, and I think that's why the media keeps him around.

Maybe it's a different kind of politica: BC04 doesn't want anything bad to happen during their NYC convention.
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