July 27th, 2004

the only earth?

this land ...

We all love the jibjab, don't we? even our parents have sent us links to it! It turns out that Woody Guthrie's publishers aren't exactly fans.

Lessig weighs in on the meaning of parody on his weblog [ll] and reminds citizens that the laws can be changed.
the only earth?

fuzzy math

The New York Times now reports that the ratio of journalists to delegates is 6:1 [nyt]. Based on 15,000 journalists this implies 2,500 delegates.

But there are actually supposed to be 4,322 (including superdelegates). And don't alternates get to attend? Does this mean that a large proportion of delegates don't attend or that they don't keep a calculator at the Arts desk?
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the only earth?

another onion headline goes mainstream

Political Wire sources suggest that Kerry will continue the theme of "steady captain" by taking a boat from Logan to the shipyards [pw]. Aside from being cautious about being too closely identified with Springfield's Sea Captain [snpp] he might think about how all of this boating fulfills an Onion headline prophesy [googlecache]


yes. instapundit tried this in reference to a Detroit press pass [ip], but this is better for the nautical (rather than luxury) theme.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

wish you were there

Dahlia Lithwick on the weirdness of live mediation of an event that's better observed on television:
So—a casualty of too much reality television—I watch the cameraman watching Al [Franken]'s reaction. This provides a fascinating look into the postmodernist conundrum of pastiche/simulacrum/deconstructionist reality. It really doesn't tell you who to vote for. [slate]

Likely winner of today's best convention coverage. Developing. Can you tell that I'm supposed to be writing something else?
i am not a stuffed tiger.


... so this is what they mean by "rising star."

Walking out of the gym I caught his keynote [txt] which was fantastic. Not so worried about the 22nd amendment anymore. Several other people kept stopping to watch.

update (thx, joe!): video of the speech is available from C-SPAN [site, realvideo]

I was stuck on the cardio machines for an extra fifteen minutes to catch Dean's speech [txt]. 1 Working to make america better in mysterious ways, I guess.
(1)which came after CNN ignored Gephardt and Daschle to talk to Richardson and pundited about Dean's loss being due to being "too liberal". Did they ever look at his platform? I think it was party politics, not liberal-moderate at play, but that's why they don't pay me the big money.
the only earth?

o.c. meets d.n.c.

convention coverage question of the day: did any Fox properties cover the o.c. Benjamin McKenzie's DNC speech? [electablog]

(note the misspelling on the video monitor. does this mean that the folks at the DNC aren't o.c. fans?)
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