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July 24th, 2004

the only earth?

vicious commentary cycle spectacle

Are you excited about the inclusion of credentialed webloggers at the DNC who are sure to be covering the mainstream media's coverage of weblog coverage of mainstream media's coverage of the inclusion of webloggers at the DNC? [extra credit: compare and contrast credentialed webloggers with embedded Iraq War journalists] Yeah -- me too. So much so that I wanted to see if Aaron was right about it being super challenging to set up an aggregator of the convention webloggers [601am] .

Two steps into setting up a kinja account, I found that such a resource already exists in the form of conventionbloggers.com.

If I sound too bitter about the DNC convention, it's just because my of my crushed dreams of being a Dean delegate. Carry on.
drinking in the dark

the week in men

a rough week for guys: in which the non-subtle indicators of heterosexuality were deconstructed ("straight signals" [blacktable]), the limits of straight-guy sensitivity were challenged (emo boys [nyo]), and further confusion regarding appropriate shirt tucking behavior was introduced ("flying shirttails ..." [nyt]). Oh, and it turns out that guys going wild just aren't as sexy as the girls. Go figure ("... naked push ups" [salon])