July 23rd, 2004

i am not a stuffed tiger.

frank, revealed

Still confused after seeing the Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut? In their tradition of confusing movie explanations (see also: Mulholland Drive), Salon answers all of your questions. [salon]

Even if you already have all of the answers, it might still be fun to compare results.


Two days in a row for me of organized sporting activity. Both of which ended in crushing defeats. Yesterday I went to play softball because my main condition of only playing when a warm body on the field was necessary to prevent a forfeit was satisfied. As it turned out, there was an extra guy, but I still stood out in right field trying not to mess things up to horribly. Jon made the point that the criteria for membership on the public health softball team should be the ability to make at least one error per game. Since everyone did their part we were soundly defeated.

This afternoon, despite the tremendous heat, Jeff and I played tennis. This time, I'm the only one to blame for my suckitude, even though I tried to put the burden on the flat balls.

Even in the face of all of this losing, it's still mildly fun to get exercise and enjoy the sun.