July 16th, 2004

chair, apartment


Since I had to leave work early to go to the IMA1 I thought that I'd do some work afterwards. By this, I meant that I would go to Victrola or something. When I got there, some guy was banging away at the piano and singing Gershwin and Cole Porter, apparently. I stayed for a while, but the annoyance of it all didn't lead to much in the way of getting stuff done aside from building a headache.

Instead I hung out at Chris's new laptop (mildred) party and explored synchronization options. Bluetooth phones are super-nifty. My iPod is staying over for a slumber party.

(1) where I discovered that even though I know I shouldn't, I do ♥ VH1's I ♥ the 90s. Yes, I realize that it's too soon, but like [info]rhiannon I am hypnotized by snarky B-list celebrity commentary.
the only earth?

slow news

I don't know why, but this New York Times article about the Martha Stewart sentencing (5m/5m/30k) is about the best thing I've read today:
In the plucky style for which the self-made millionaire is known, Ms. Stewart urged people to buy her magazine, and to encourage advertisers to keep supporting her products. In fact, after her sentence was announced, the price of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, her company, soared . . . yielding Ms. Stewart a paper profit of $355,000. [nyt]

Seriously, this article is packed full of gems, quotes, and added context. Or, I'm just terrifically bored and avoidant.
drinking in the dark

friday night hotness

o.k., so I haven't opened any of my mail for something like a month and decided that since I'd completely been sucked in by I Love the 90s I might as well open it and tear up all of the credit card offers. What I've noticed is the (return of?) the awesome marketing trend in which they include a pretend credit card with the offer.

Does this work? Ooh! Look at how fucking cool I'll look when my name is in the "YOUR NAME HERE" spot on that American Express Gold reward cards. So hot, I'm going to fill out the application right now and carry the fake card around in my wallet, hoping that people will see it whenever I take out cash or my ID.

I also wonder if the quality of the fake represents the interest of the credit card company in my money. Because there really is quite a range.


watching the VH1, I wonder what role these retrospective shows will have in nationalizing the mentality of the instantly passe trend.