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July 14th, 2004

the only earth?

news of the weird

Apparently the show of tearing down Saddam Hussein statues in Iraq wasn't just a media event, it was an expedition to gather raw materials for new statuary:
[Two] 50-foot-tall towering bronze statues depicting a heroic Saddam as the mighty conqueror, on horseback, sword aloft ... were melted down and recast by a skilled Iraqi artist who turned them into a new memorial that depicts a GI mourning his fallen comrades while a young girl tries to console him.
My favorite juxtaposition of the many brain-exploding details in the article is that the new statue was designed by the original sculptor and funded by donations from soldiers.
the only earth?


The three-day get out the vote fest on the doomed constitutional gay marriage ban (a.k.a. Federal Marriage Amendment) came today when proponents failed to get the necessary support to force a final vote.
Though they lost the vote, the backers of the amendment did succeed in getting lawmakers on record on the issue and they said they expected it to reverberate throughout the campaign season. Senators John Kerry of Massachusetts and John Edwards of North Carolina . . . did not vote. They both oppose the amendment, however, saying that while they oppose same-sex marriage, the issue is a state concern. [nyt]
It looks like Santorum's celebrity lineup [wonkette] was less than convincing.
i am not a stuffed tiger.


Having trouble with all of the pre-election talk of red and blue states? Slate declares it a testable state of mind and presents a quiz:
It's not as simple as liberal vs. conservative, elite vs. populist, urban vs. rural, religious vs. nonreligious, educated vs. uneducated, rich vs. poor—if it were, the terms "red" and "blue" wouldn't have taken off as the best shorthand for a divided America.[slate]

Replicating eveyone's favorite scantron fromat, the quiz itself is especially nifty-looking. Based on some knowledge of midwestern trivia, I'm neither red nor blue.
chair, apartment

boring things

what I did today: spent the day at the office reading, working, going to meetings, spilling ice cream; had some just o.k. falafel from Ali Baba; then drinks at Barça. The waitress was super attentive, possibly on crack. We got there early; so the bartender spent a lot of time describing the collection of 100+ vodkas.