June 25th, 2004

the only earth?


Today's essay topic: compare and contrast the Washington papers descriptions of the altercation between Dick Cheney and Senator Leahy (D-VT):

Here's how the Washington Post describes the encounter:
"The exchange ended when Cheney offered some crass advice. `Fuck yourself'" [wp]

Washington Times says:
"Mr. Cheney then responded with a barnyard epithet, urging Mr. Leahy to perform an anatomical sexual impossibility." [wt]

Extra points for those who incorporate "fair & balanced," "uniter not divider," "restoring honor & dignity to the White House," historical controversy regarding the definition of sexual relations, the Eyeshot autofellator interview [e], and the metaphor of the Senate as saucer to the House's boiling teacup.
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i am not a stuffed tiger.

eggers, etc.

How We Are Hungry, the not-yet-released short story collection from Dave Eggers is currently #46 among Amazon's list of Early Adopter Literature. [amazon].

If you haven't been following along at Salon, the Eggers political serial novel The Unforbidden is Compulsory can now be purchased in book form from McSweeney's [mcstore]

Also of note: The Believer's Music Issue is on newsstands, just waiting for you to buy it. This issue includes a chart of "The ____" bands and a mix CD that might make the $8 price tag even more appealing. [believer]
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