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June 24th, 2004

the only earth?


Does anyone else think that it's really weird that Ralph Nader is sending unsolicited advice to John Kerry regarding his selection of a running mate? [latimes]

It's not as if Nader has been particularly receptive to advice [see dontvoteralph (was: ralphdontrun.net)].
chair, apartment

so much for the sun

Have I mentioned that my new fitness strategy is to be at the gym during Jeopardy! so that I can watch that robot, Ken, win over and over again while I'm on the elliptical machine? If that guy had more of a personality, we might worry about another Quiz Show scandal, but Alex seems to be doing his best to be annoyed by the whole situation.

Before the IMA, I went to a happy hour at the Irish Emigrant. For some unknown reason, our department's happy hour has switched to Thursday.

After, I met up with Jeff to go play Ms. Pac-Man at the Mars Bar. We noticed a spotlight across town, and after joking about how stupid and ineffective spotlights were, we decided to find out where it was coming from. Apparently there was a "Maxim Party" at that club by the space needle.

We looked for a place to eat, but since it was after 11, that was pretty much impossible.