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June 17th, 2004


unlikely local phenomena

The Seattle Weekly features a semi-useful bit of service journalism: a guide to happy hours around town [sw]


This week, in the Stranger Sean Nelson defends the EMP in this week's feature section about the supposed failure of the museum indicated by the replacement of the incredibly cheesy "Funk Blast" with a Science Fiction muesum:
What I find vexing, however, in my many experiences as the only one in a room who will admit to not hating the place, is the powerful groupthink that dismisses the entire conception of a museum/inquiry into rock music as inherently lame. "Lame" is the easiest way to assail something, because it shifts the burden of proof to the accused; it's the ultimate hipster shortcut to invalidate an idea that doesn't appeal to you. [stranger]


There is a large green monster slug on the Space Needle: