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June 1st, 2004


yet another simpsons episdoe comes true

oh. I forgot to mention this: when I walked into Seattle Center, the monorail had just been evacuated [seattletimes]. There were fire trucks and news crews and helicopters:
[4 pictures]

There are three other pictures at that link including the hillside at Sasquatch and the UW Steel Drum Ensemble.
the only earth?


In his column last week [savagelove], Dan Savage tried to redirect the anger of girl love handle lovers to the FDA for refusing to approve Plan B for over the counter use.

Today Slate provides a more thorough examination of why the reasoning behind the rejection is so faulty:
Steven Galson, derailed that hope by nixing the application on the grounds that access to emergency contraception might harm the very youngest teens. . . . As a reason for sabotaging efforts to take Plan B over-the-counter, Galson could hardly have reached for a more ironic one—and reach he certainly did. [slate]

As if you needed another reason to be appalled by the Bush administration.