May 30th, 2004

beach, outside

the brunch book, mentioned again

You might think that arriving home from a long day to and from the Gorge at three thirty in the morning would result in extra Sunday sleeping, but in fact I was up early for brunch breakfast. Through the miracle of Ellen's Memorial Day weekend visit, I was up early, Tim and Whitney attended, along with Joe, Chris, and Ellen for a morning meal at Louisa's.

After breakfast, I watched all but the first seven minutes of a secret movie at the Egyptian and went home to take an afternoon nap.

Joe woke me up and invited me to a Mercer Island barbecue hosted by Ben and Ellen. This made for a fantastic afternoon and evening. Several phases of foodstuffs were incorporated, as was a fountain lined with beer beverages, an absent corkscrew, charred food that tasted great, really good people, hot tub and lake adventures, a new york times magazine cover story about friends with benefits, and a screening of The Pink Panther (which has incredible costume and setting elements, but very slow story components for a midnight movie).
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