May 20th, 2004

chair, apartment

a line allows progress

A long time ago, I filled in for someone who was supposed to take minutes at a regular meeting that we have at my office. That bit of volunteerism led to it being my permanent job; so I "run" this meeting every two weeks and nothing really ever happens. It's kind of amazing. There are items that have been "in progress" for years.

About a week ago, I created a file on my desktop called "short proposal." This was a good (long overdue) step, but so far it is really not much of anything. A lot of the content is in my head and in another file summarizing the stack of reading that I've been doing this quarter. I think that I'm expecting something to spring, fully formed, from my head one of these days. Instead, I'm pretty sure that various intermediate stage outlines will be necessary.

My mom called today to confirm the arrival and departure of items through the mail. This is always sort of funny to me, but whatever. I just expect the U.S.P.S. to work without confirmation that someone received my card and assume the same from other people.


I guess I'll do some of that preliminary writing work since I'm not even remotely tired.
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chair, apartment


hello 2 am.

(at least sleeping in might feel legitimate.)
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