May 17th, 2004

the only earth?


I keep thinking about Donald "Superb Survivor" Rumsfeld's boast about having stopped reading the newspaper, made his surprise visit to Iraq last week [bbc]. Is this something that we're meant to be excited about? Yet another key member of the administration who no longer sees fit to read any outside reporting of the news?

Perhaps if he were still reading the newspaper he might not be so flip about saying that Iraq is a lot more fun than Washington [wp].


Yes, I realize this is old news. Blame it on the "Voices in the News" opening montage of Weekend Edition [npr]. Maybe I shouldn't listen to the news either?
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i am not a stuffed tiger.

television history

I had a very Keaton family breakfast this morning and couldn't remember if Alex P. ate the granola and yogurt or had a more conservative selection.
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chair, apartment


a late start. work. meet Kate and Elena for ethiopian food at Assimba. We caught up with Jon for stunning defeat at the pub quiz. I got home in time to catch the last few scenes of Kill Bill at Joe's grindhouse movie event. The "making of" feature on the DVD leads me to believe that it would be very challenging to hang out with Tarantino.
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______ wants to be free

Micah Joel, "early adopter of home wireless" writes about his decision to leave his wireless network open as a preemptive defense strategy against intellectual property infringement lawsuits:
I've already composed my reply in case I receive one of these letters someday. "Dear Comcast, I am so sorry. I had no idea that copyrighted works were being downloaded via my IP address; I have a wireless router at home and it's possible that someone may have been using my connection at the time. I will do my best to secure this notoriously vulnerable technology, but I can make no guarantee that hackers will not exploit my network in the future." [salon]

Sort of an interesting turn -- trusting your neighborhood freeloaders more than your ISP.