May 14th, 2004

beach, outside

bleachers, steps, etc.

I arrived at the IMA about a half hour early so I killed time sitting on the bleachers by the tennis courts reading the depressing issue of the New Yorker in the sun. Really though, the articles I read today weren't so bad -- the Adam Gopnik story about the art historian football coach with cancer, which was really quite good but not online anymore for quoting purposes; and the review of Bob Woodward's book, which I now don't need to read for myself. The courts were all reserved for NCAA semi-finalists (?) to practice; so sitting on the big concrete bleachers wasn't a bad way to spend a half hour. There's something great about watching people practice something that they're good at, sort of at half speed.
the only earth?


Testimony to the benefits of non-torture based incentive programs: the Iraqi Soccer team qualified for the Athens Olympic after an improbable win over Saudi Arabia and a Oman--Kuwait tie. [globe&mail]

A conspiracy theorist might suspect that this is a nonstandard contribution from the Coalition of the Willing to promote improved morale in Iraq.
chair, apartment

plot, or lack thereof

reading. techfee. dinner at Ruby followed by The Magic Flute . It was my first opera, and from what I can tell Mozart wasn't especially into drama. I admit to missing some plot developments due to minor zoning out and inability to understand operatic dialog. The musical aspects were good, but it was weird that it was in english. Like most musical theater, it was a few scenes too long (a couple could've been rearranged too). It was inexpensive and entertaining, so this shouldn't be interpreted as a complaint.

I had a cappucino at intermission which prevents me from being asleep even though I'm sort of tired.

I like how this post seems to be about me saying that I could write a better opera than Mozart.