May 5th, 2004

in other news

When I took the headphones out of my iPod yesterday, the jack turned out to be broken and permanently lodged in the port. Today, I went to the Apple store and found out that it would cost $250 plus a $30 battery replacement fee to have it fixed. Given that a newer model with a bigger hard drive can be purchased for a $100 more than that, I think that I now have a very fancy firewire hard drive.

I am already going through withdrawal symptoms; so I'll need to figure something out soon.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

unnecessary literary pun

The New York Observer published this interesting story about literary political fundraising on a page with four other articles; so the whole thing is pasted below the cut.

Foer, a Cause
In the past month and half, writers Jonathan Safran Foer, Dave Eggers and Nicole Krauss and director Spike Jonze have sent out letters to 120 authors soliciting them to contribute to a book they are putting together called Future Dictionary of America to raise millions of dollars to defeat President George W. Bush.
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drinking in the dark

about time

It is entirely possible that an I SAW U ad is about me in this week's edition of The Stranger.

at long last, my bad boring dream comes true.
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chair, apartment

mexican supremacy

Today at our office we had a combination baby shower and cinco de mayo party. It isn't as much of a juxtaposition as you might imagine, given that it did not involve alcohol. Though it certainly would've been funny if someone brought tequila as their potluck item.

Other than work, not much. I cooked dinner, ran some errands and laundry, made a mess of putting my dying tulips on the windowsill, and haven't watched the o.c. season finale because I'm still an episode (now two) behind.

I have a bunch of chapters from the Dave Eggers serial novel that I'll try to read before going to sleep and after watching the Daily Show.
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