April 21st, 2004

i am not a stuffed tiger.

o.k. then.

today featured what may have been the only morning meeting in my history at my office. All week, I'd been paranoid about missing it since it's such a weird occurrence. This low-level anxiety might be relieved if I kept a calendar instead of just an inbox.

by mid-afternoon, I didn't feel like doing any work; so I quit while I was ahead and walked over to Cinerama to see Kill Bill, vol. 2. I'm oblivious to most film history and I still enjoyed it, which suggests that it stands on its own for entertainment purposes. I'm sure it's hugely referential. The Lucy Liu sections of vol. 1 were the best part of the cycle, in my humble opinion.

on the way home, I found some shoes on sale. pennies from heaven.


I've been having my email forwarded to gmail to try it out. at first, i was hesitatnt about using webmail (vs. OS X Mail), but so far it seems really neat. I didn't mind the Death Cab for Cutie ads next to my mostly failed attempts to find people who want to go to their show next month.


I think I'll read the new Believer while I'm waiting for the o.c. to download.
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