April 17th, 2004

chair, apartment

two days

On Thursday I went to work at my office in the morning (having a guest somehow makes me feel like it is important to pretend to have a normal schedule of getting up at a reasonably early hour for work) and met my mom for lunch downtown at Todai before braving the traffic on a drive to Mount Vernon to look at Tulips. If you're interested in seeing us among tulips, you are certainly in luck:
among the tulips
[more pictures]

We got home in time for Pagliacci and must see television. It's fun to watch Donald Trump's combover on live television.


After a half-day at work, a quorumless techfee meeting, and a visit to the Apple Store to deal with frayed cords, mom & I went to IKEA & Lowe's so that she could buy me things. Despite my protests, this was her idea for entertainment. Later, we had dinner at Coastal Kitchen . The food was good and the decor was nice, but the ceiling was amazingly ugly.