April 6th, 2004


sheep fans cautioned

fyi: the new modest mouse album ("Good news for people who love bad news") is on sale today and the video (in several streaming formats) is available at sony's u.k. site.

It looks like the video is in several places, including Blastro, which seems to be a neat site with several videos that I wouldn't expect to show up if I randomly flip to MTV (or even MTV2 lately).
chair, apartment

not much happened

it's been a while; so here's the rundown.

friday: techfee, ima, finn maccool's for epi happy hour. more current than prospective students, though some eventually showed-up. brief stop at home before meeting chris & coworkers at linda's. subgroup (chris, jayson, and I) went to the cha cha where we saw jeff & friends. they left. we left. chris and jayson pretended to be going to another bar, but instead went to qfc; so i went home and fell asleep early.

saturday. groceries and basketball. capturing the friedmans. perfecting my expertise at ignoring the sun.

sunday. brunch at c.j.'s when macrina was overfilled (second choices are a bad idea -- this was the denny's of belltown). daylight saving time. reading. the ima. sunday night television.

monday. at the office all day downloading and printing articles about interleukin-6 and others about inflammation. this is according to my new mandate: becoming a voracious reader. the phrase hundreds of articles was mentioned in my last meeting with bruce. after work: to greenlake for rachel's seder. the 358 bus stop is in the sketchiest block of downtown, which coincides with the mcdonald's. coincidence?

tuesday. at home. cleaning out the extra room in order to transform it into spare bedroom for my mom's visit next week. melting the handle for the pot cover [hello vocabulary failure] when i turned on the wrong burner while cooking rice. the whole apartment smelled like burnt plastic for a while. luckily the weather was conducive to open windows. ima. picking up my forgotten atm/debit card at finn maccool's. dinner/reading articles at solstice. paying a lot of bills and taxes. hoping not to get audited.