April 1st, 2004


no joke

After my vacuum cleaner wake up call and running some laundry, I went to campus for a technology related meeting in a neat room in Allen library. It was in the Petersen room, a swankily appointed conference room that's in the space above the walkway between the Allen and Natural Sciences library. The one with the big circular window.

When the meeting ended, I had a little time to go to the IMA before rushing downtown to talk with a prospective student at the CHRU. It was a good excuse to sit outside for a little while.

I dropped my stuff off at home and went to Tim & Al's now very homelike live/work space in Pioneer Square. Al was making tacos and Geoff & Malinda were trying to solve a Tetris Attack puzzle. Later, Rachel and Tim arrived. Over dinner, we discussed pornography and butchering. Then we made a quick trip through some of the artist lofts.

Chris & I stayed for the Live Girls cabaret. It was long and mostly unfunny. Perhaps more drunkenness is required, since some people seemed to find it hilarious. I probably would've rather been watching Donald Trump firing someone.