March 31st, 2004



I think that going to the IMA is becoming my excuse to go to various juice bars. Tonight I went to Gravity Bar, where, in addition to a great liquid concoction (pear, lime, spirulina), I had the Best Salad Ever Tasted. In addition to leafy greens, it had coconut, avocado, feta, sprouts, oranges, and flax dressing.

Other than that bit of mild excitement, it was a fairly normal Tuesday.

open letter

dear my livejournal,

I have nothing really exciting to report at this time. That said, the local commercials on Comedy Central are almost as funny as the regular programming. Waking up early, going to work, the gym, and reading the Stranger over dinner results in me being tired before midnight. Stupid.

early to bed, early to rise?

[ j ]