March 28th, 2004


a string of good luck

I slept in late, watched a lopsided basketball game, went to the IMA, and met Carole for dinner at Cyclops before Blonde Redhead at the Showbox. We arrived early fearing a sell out and found ourselves in a mostly underfilled auditorium. At least we saved unnecessary "convenience" fees and got a spectacularly good parking space. Getting there with so much time to spare gave us plenty of time to be overly superficial while listening to the opening bands Secret Machines and the Dead Science. A side benefit to all of the avant-rock goodness was that Blonde Redhead had requested that the venue be non-smoking for the night. So. in addition to making pretty music, the band kept us smelling nice!
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Joe, Chris, and I tried to have brunch this morning at Cafe Flora, but when we arrived they had closed due to plumbing problems, which seemed really weird. The took the time to print out special signs. Maybe that's just their style, but it made the whole thing seem kind of planned.

We went to the Madison Park Cafe instead. Across the street, a family was playing baseball on a tennis court. We went to get lattes to kill time and I sort of marveled at the child rearing isolated oasis of Madison Park. I don't know, it's all very quaint. Brunch was nice too. I learned about, but did not eat, cream baked eggs.

The rest of the afternoon has been completely laid back. I thought about doing work, but ended up watching basketball, talking to my parents, and watching the Anniversary Party (again) on IFC. It is mysteriously good.

I don't want to finish my taxes.
the only earth?

deceive inveigle obfuscate

It was only a matter of time:
The White House acknowledged Sunday that on the day after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush pressed his top counterterrorism adviser, Richard A. Clarke, to find out whether Iraq was involved.
. . .
Last week, the White House said it had no record that Mr. Bush had even been in the Situation Room that day and said the president had no recollection of such a conversation. [nyt]

Is this predictable pattern of deception and retraction even remarkable anymore? Surely someone must be keeping a running tally.


on this subject, there's also the matter of what Thomas Friedman is calling a "failure of imagination" regarding the September 11 attacks. The Center for American Progress compiled a series of facts contradicting Bush's on the subject of airplanes as terrorist weapons [salon]. In addition, there are similar reports from a former FBI translator [also salon (great nighttime reading)].


. . . and the video from the Radio & Television Correspondents Assn. Annual Dinner [cspan]