March 26th, 2004

i am not a stuffed tiger.

avoidance drills

o.k., Meowmory has officially wasted too much of my day. I'm horrible at it, but I'm blaming it on my not being a "cat person." Those kitties all look the same to me.

I found that I got better at it when I started giving the cats names. I would like to conduct an impromptu study -- are people who have cats better at this game than others?
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i am not a stuffed tiger.

meow mix.

update on the meowmory situation: I now hold the two top spots in the hall of fame for fewest flips. I don't think I'll be able to improve my time without using something other than a trackpad.


Journeying to Anacortes through heavy rain, past the temptation of the giant Tualip casino with its frighteningly large parking lot and rooftop lightshow, and fortified by non-nutritional gas station food, we arrived at the Department of Safety having missed the piano recital and potluck, but in time for the whysp. Chris and had Phil sign the artwork that we purchased during our last visit.

The Mount Eerie portion of the show was part recording session ("band practice") and part singalong ("concert"). It was really fun, and many people seemed to be emotionally transformed by the experience. It's kind of amazing, the effect of a singalong with a charismatic leader. Here is one low-quality audio example of the performance --> [human, human (mp3)].

The Watery Graves suggested that the audience write letters or make collages during their expectedly rambling set. I quickly lost my pen; so I just took long exposure pictures and enjoyed sitting on the couch.

[more pictures]

After the show, we had a run-in with local law enforcement. Apparently Chris turned the wrong way at an intersection and suddenly police cruiser lights were flashing. We pulled over for the officer to explain her error. He asked where we were going and she asked for advice about donuts. Cedric and I almost died. We really were planning to go to the Donut House, but it really doesn't seem advisable to bring up this potentially sensitive subject with the police.

Amazingly, a ticket was not issued for the error in judgement and we were free to sugar up before the long ride home. All of the bands showed up in the restaurant, because it is evidently the most happening establishment in Anacortes after midnight.