March 17th, 2004

the only earth?

the district

links from popular weblogs that have entertained me this morning:

Porn for Pandas Necessary for Species' Survival
"I do not know which of them will be lucky enough to mate our princess. It's all up to Hua Mei to find her own 'Mr. Right'," Wei Rongping, assistant director of the research center, told Xinhua. [adult video news via BoingBoing]
Those of us who visited the (horrible) National Zoo in the days of Hsing Hsing only to read about panda artificial insemination techniques might have guessed that new panda aphrodesiac technology was in high demand.

Vote for America's funniest Senators
In which Senators respond to a fictional ten-year-old aspiring stand up comedian with their favorite jokes. This, from Rick Santorum, who probably hasn't seen Dan Savage's Santorum website: "Although a favorite joke doesn't immediately come to mind, I do enjoy laughing." [zug "senator prank" via Wonkette]

the incredibly shrinking network

Heath Row transcribed</a> Friendster CEO Jonathan Abrams's keynote address for SXSW, in which he [Abrahms] explains the concept of social networking and takes a swipe at Orkut:
There are some misconceptions about Friendster. Different people use it in different ways, but journalists seem to think that there is one way you're supposed to use it. Then they think that what they hear isn't what was intended. Then there's the concept of imitation only. There's this site called Orkut that's kind of gimmicky, but it won't be that way always. [fastcompany]

Reading the speech inspired me to check out my friendster page, where I was disappointed to find that my once seemingly giant network has been divided into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree friends. While this is much more practical and honest, it really isn't quite as much fun.