March 14th, 2004

chair, apartment


Saturday morning was typically low motivation. Eventually I got around to cleaning my apartment and drilling holes in the wall to hang some storage units. I had been reluctant to do this because my lease prohibits it, but I was feeling rebellious and know of the benefits of putty and spackle.

Not wanting to completely neglect the nice weather, I took a walk around Volunteer park and took pictures of flowers and trees and the observation tower. Nice and all, but I don't think that the web needs more postings of trees right now.

Carole & I went out for ethiopian and then for drinks at B & O, where we met Kate and Carole's orkut, Atri. We walked down to the Baltic Room, where I ♥ Shiva was having a Saturday night event. I pretended to enjoy dancing for a while and genuinely appreciated the decor and layout of the Baltic Room. The butterflies and stars are a very nice touch.


Sunday brunch was at the DeLuxe with some of Chris's out-of-town visitors and associated personnel. My recommendation is to go there only in the evening for comfort food. Most of our food was not bad, but definitely not good (or even warm). At least the mocha from Vivace was good.

I spent the rest of the day looking for interesting used clothing but not finding anything, reading articles from my "unsorted to-read" folder, watching old downloaded episodes of the O.C., and having a generally relaxed day.
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the only earth?

all washed up?

It was bound to happen: Google makes the cover of the New York Times Sunday Style Section with this not particularly fascinating article:
It's more like the new kabbalah. With an estimated 200 million searches logged daily, Google, the most popular Internet search engine, "has a near-religious quality in the minds of many users," said Joseph Janes, an associate professor at the University of Washington in Seattle who taught a graduate seminar on Google this semester. "A few years ago, you would have talked to a trusted friend about arthritis or where to send your kids to college or where to go on vacation. Now we turn to Google." [nyt]

Still, I'd be interested in knowing if the graduate seminar dealt with that kabbalistic nature of the Google.

other gems from that section: Joan Rivers (old, but not forgotten! young people love her. special feature: compare and contrast old and new photos, marvel at plastic surgery!), the Hanson brothers ("MMMGood," one has a kid, hosts dinner parties), and Benjamin McKenzie (25-year-old plays 17-year-old, drinks scotch, doesn't crave fame). Awesome.
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