March 12th, 2004

chair, apartment

these days

I spent the day working on projects from home, occasionally making use of the desk in the little room that I've pretended will become an office, eating foods purchased from grocery stores (endorsement: dried pineapple!), going out for tea (I'm trying an espresso-free week), picking up ingredients for dinner (thinking that home prepared meals aren't necessarily cost-effective), watching reality television, chatting with my neighbor, and listening to William Rehnquest on Charlie Rose.

I guess that's it.
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beach, outside

but we're not robots

Somehow, in the course of my overwhelmingly sedentary life, I've managed to hurt my leg. I mean, I probably walk a couple miles going to and from work, but still. This is unexpected. Maybe I need to have an ergonomic evaluation. Or maybe I should just sit properly. For now, I'm Alleveing.

On the way to work today I found a rug on sale at Urban Outfitters that is now on my bedroom floor. Seeing it there really makes me happy. Strange, but true.

I tried to cancel most of my cable today, but the guy on the phone offered me a way to keep HBO without all of the other worthless digital channels; so I caved and am not saving much money. Maybe I'll try again next week. I wish that there was a way that I could pay for just HBO, Comedy Central (or just the Daily Show), the networks, and maybe CNN and MTV, but apparently this technology is not yet available. It's not like I'm asking for a flying car.

After the techfee meeting (1st round over, almost out of money!) I met Carolyn at Solstice (I gave up on the espresso free week for a mocha) to plan a happy hour for prospective students. We walked the Ave and decided that the place that best fit our matrix of reservable, close, casual (allowing people to comfortably arrive late/leave early), and not depressing was Finn MacCool's. It's kind of funny that we walked ~ 10 blocks to find a place that was across the street, but the weather turned out great (and I didn't bring my camera to campus because of the overcast afternoon skies. but really, do I need any more pictures of cherry blossoms?).

Also noticed: it seems like graffiti is on the rise in town, evening sunlight is back, Rilo Kiley might be emo-country.
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