March 7th, 2004

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back again

I'm back in Seattle, after being in San Francisco since Tuesday for the American Heart Association meeting.

The lack of livejournal postings or emailing can be attributed to forgetting the AC adaptor for my iBook despite otherwise egregious overpacking. I thought about buying a spare at the Apple store, but I'm glad to have survived almost a week on one charge.

I noticed them last weekend in Canada, but didn't give in to the Cadbury Creme Egg temptation until tonight. And now I've eaten two from the four-pack, which leads me to believe that I should've waited another week. This could get unhealthy, but yay sugar!
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metaphor clipping

While it's apparently less cool than the Guardian, the SF Weekly provided interesting BART reading material, particularly this nice article about Hella:
The band is only two guys, yes, but they sure do cause a ruckus. What drummer Zach Hill does with a few wooden cylinders and a couple pieces of shiny bronze metal sounds like a herd of American buffalo charging through the Financial District during rush hour. But the jaw-dropping part is that guitarist Spencer Seim is somehow able to score that chaos, matching each of Hill's bashings with static-charged bursts of crunchy lines that ride the percussive explosions like a lunatic longboarding a tidal wave. [ sfweekly ]

It's also the paper that features "Savage Love," so it can't be too bad. Now to catch up with the Stranger.
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