March 1st, 2004

i am not a stuffed tiger.

affirming / destroying / enabling / ?

Today, in a front page (advertised with a sort of animated graphic!) essay, whitney pastorek writes about "how blogs are ruining [her] life.</a>"
There was a time when my friends and I got together to chat about our lives, a time when any problem could be resolved in the warm light of our camaraderie and beer. And then my friends became bloggers. These days, I do not even hear about the stupid stuff that's going on—"I got a haircut" or "My apartment burned down"—because the bloggers assume that I have read about it on their blog. Which I have not. And then I wonder why they are not answering their home phone, and immediately assume we are in a fight. [village voice]

This is a way that weblogs are not ruining my life -- mostly because I hate the telephone and many of my friends now live far away. But there is also the fact that I am painfully literal when someone asks me what I'm doing. I always say, nothing. Beacuse in fact when they call or ask, the thing that I'm doing is talking to them. Later I realize that I'm supposed to tell them about getting a haircut or whatever.

That said, it is weird when I actually remember to tell real people these little things and they have already read about it here. Especially when they say, "oh yes, I read all about that. Next." Particularly when those people don't have weblogs, or have weblogs that I don't know about.
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under the wire

I spent most of the day doing things to get ready to leave town tomorrow. I took my poster to campus to be printed (further errors will require white out), dropped stuff off at the dry cleaner, and went downtown to spend too much money on clothes.

At the pub quiz, we tied for the bingo, but lost the cash in the tiebreaker. Evidently, there were people who memorized dates in history class.