February 24th, 2004

chair, apartment

i'm on standby

Something unexciting that I find really amazing: I've simultaneously run out of a large percentage of my personal care products. Despite buying most of them at different times, they've all converged on emptiness. I wish that I was compulsive enough to make a graph of the refill cycles!

Yes. That is to say that I've been pretty busy with work/school (which are the same thing really) doing preliminary analyses of haplotypes of genes in the renin-angiotensin system and finishing my poster for the American Heart Association conference next week in San Francisco.

Our pub quiz efforts continue unrewarded. We are consistently a few points away from the cash, which is encouraging. I don't think that I can reasonably learn old pop culture that wasn't relevant to my life; so it might be time to try to brush up on history.


I had a few minutes of inspiration trying to invite people to join orkut, but I ran out of memorized email addresses. If you want to join (and who doesn't need a backup friendster?), please let me know.
the only earth?

grr aargh

Dear George W. Bush,

These people are not activist judges or local officials [cnn].

Honestly, I'm not a fan of marriage or religion. Maybe the whole institution is outdated and should be reconsidered. Maybe there should be a civil contract for everyone and churches could still be allowed to do their rituals as they see fit. Maybe this is crazy talk: but we might think about keeping the church separate from the state.

But for now, I really like civil rights and using the Constitution to take away rights is repulsive. Furthermore, you don't even have a vote in the process (yet); so why don't you just shut up and think about bombs or retirement.


a concerned citizen