February 15th, 2004


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The day part of Saturday was incredibly lazy: some cleaning inspired by this post, reading, and listening to This American Life, before a quick trip to

with Chris for only an hour. I went mostly to buy more frames. When I told people this later in the evening, they looked at me like I was a crazy person. So I also bought a plant. Whatever, I like the frames.

cha cha
was not very full, but not empty. it was perfectly easy to get a booth and have a drink before moving on to the opening night at

neumo's* [link]
where they were offering free admission to "Yo, Son." The rapid pat-down at the door made the evening extra-special. They have an interesting space with lots of bars (at least 4), and a lofted area that overlooks the main dance/performance space. In my opinion, the ceilings should be higher to get the right effect, but this was another point that was met with the crazy person look whenever it was mentioned to others.

[At the Notwist show I hated the crowd to the point of distraction. Their Friday night colliding drunkenness. Their grey hooded sweatshirts, big mustaches, over exuberant gyrations. Their going to IHOP and ordering appetite-killing clam chowder.]

At Neumo's I wanted love the crowd with their trucker hats or prom dresses, breakdancing or not moving their feet at all, the hip girls with furry hair accessories, the guys in track suits, the artists, the dopey guys with messy hair and beards, the few nonwhites at the hip-hop show, all of them. even the ones looking over the edge that isn't as high as it should be. Even so, I felt like it was trying to be like the happy part of the goodbye scene in City of God or the remarkably similar disco party in the middle of Fortress of Solitude , but it was just O.K. and I guess that was enough. Maybe you can guess that I try to think of things to pass the time while pretending to enjoy the dancing.

Eventually, everyone had enough dancing and no one really wanted to drink; so we went to the

broadway grill
to indulge the bad habit of eating and the especially bad habit of eating greasy foods like nachos and sweet potato fries after midnight. The slow service and the server was crazy, but I was pretty happy with the fries.

* pronounced "new-mo's." probably because it the the New Moe's Mo'Roc'N Cafe. [seattle times]
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