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February 13th, 2004

beach, outside

more of the same

The morning: working from home, cooking breakfast lunch from the few food items in my kitchen (gemelli, tomato sauce, green peas). I made a quick stop at the office to print, fax, and refer to the Stata programming manual.

Then a long techfee meeting with more questions than decisions. Yet it brought me to the U-District for nostalgic nutrition: a mocha from Solstice before and takeout from Thaiger Room on the way home. So, no complaints really.

Tonight: the Notwist and Themselves at Chop Suey.


oh yeah. two-day passes & camping permits for Coachella were purchased this afternoon!

happy saturday

linked all over the place:
unconventional love notes from "you, yes you."

I can't remember the link to all of the neat old creepy love notes. I swear that I posted it last year, but just can't find it. Whatever.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

the gloating sun

I like the rain, but I'm really into the way the sky has been blue for most of the days of this week.

Getting used to the cloudlessness reminds me of the second to the last paragraph from "Our Long National Nightmare Is Finally Over" by Sean Carman.