February 12th, 2004

beach, outside

nothing really

... another sunny day in seattle. maybe that's why everything on my walk to the office this morning seemed really interesting.
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other than that, a wednesday with lots of meetings and a "heart unhealthy" potluck. see, it's funny because we do research about cardiovascular disease! I didn't even know it was happening, but hardly a month goes by without some sort of office party. I have no complaints, especially when free food is involved.
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    josh the dog on charlie rose


The Stranger is full of Valentines (x2, x3). So full of them that I don't have the time to read any of them. So, for now, I'm just assuming that there are lots of great ones in there for me.

[ Collect all three sex bomb covers! (p.s. let me know if the ferret cover really exists) ]
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