February 8th, 2004

i am not a stuffed tiger.

the weekend review

I woke up unintentionally early on Saturday, probably because I was nervous about missing the caucus and not being able to deliver materials to the precinct victory captains in time. After an hour of not falling asleep, I got out of bed dressed in Dean gear and went to QFC to buy donuts. When I got there, I found that their bakery selection was so sparse that anything that I bought wouldn't have been very tempting to undecided voters; so I returned home empty-handed.

Chris & I stopped at Noah's for bagels and I bought a couple dozen extras for potential Dean supporters. When we arrived, S.C.C.C. was packed and I wasn't able to find the people who needed information packets. Instead, I gave promotional/strategic materials to people in each precinct who had Dean stickers while Chris passed out campaign literature and bagels inside the big room.

After a couple of people explained the caucus process to the room, we split into our own little precincts (ours had 37 people). Based on the sign-in sheets only Dean & Kerry were viable with more than 15% support (at that point Dean would've had 3 delegates and Kerry would've had 2); so there were about ten people to convince. I made a little Dean speech, another guy said some things about Kerry, and we had a brief discussion. When we re-balloted, 26 of us were for Dean, 12 were for Kerry, and 1 stayed with Clark; sending 4 delegates to Dean and 1 to Kerry. This was the great victory of the day.

We waited around for the resolutions and the final count, phoned the numbers into headquarters, and walked downtown to the "after-party" at the New Orleans. Everyone seemed to have a story about their caucuses, but once the meet & greet and caucus stories got old and it was apparent that results would be slow to arrive, Chris & I headed to the alley to yell at Tim & Al's new apartment (their names aren't in the directory).

Eventually he heard us and let us in through the front door. The new space is really great. We tried to help brainstorm construction projects, swinging ladders, and trapdoors for an hour. On the way out we heard that the results were likely to be disappointing and decided to go back downtown before heading home.

Later, after watching CNN for the bad news, I met Carole at the Big Picture to see The Cooler. That place is really strange and seems sort of illicit. The movie was o.k., but definitely not recommendable.

We finished the night meeting Kate, Damian, etc. at the Liquid Lounge where one of the KEXP DJs was broadcasting the "Expansions" show. By midnight, I could feel my tiredness (and my lack of enthusiasm for dancing) catching up with me. I started to wait for the bus, but decided to walk home. Who needs a stairmaster when you live on a hill and can find dollar bills on the sidewalk?


Today has been uneventful. I finally got around to cleaning my apartment, which had fallen into disarray as a consequence of my devoting free time to volunteer efforts. I can't imagine how the people who spent 16 hour days campaigning managed the rest of their lives. With that many hours per week, my life seemed rushed and chaotic.

Now I'm at Victrola, writing long overdue cards & catching-up on the Dave Eggers serial novel.