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February 7th, 2004

the only earth?

silver lining

. . . at least Dean won in my precinct (and overall among our 13 precincts at S.C.C.C.). That's about the only good news today though.

Chris and I are two or our precinct's four Dean delegates.
chair, apartment

last nite

Until about two a.m.: Del the Funkee Homosapien at Chop Suey for Music for America. Like Thursday's show, it was packed and people were receptive to registering to vote, finding out about caucuses, and signing-up for the m.f.a. email list. There were a surprising number of felons in attendance who were unable to register to vote.

Earlier - a techfee meeting and calling undecided voters in Washington. It was fun, but kind of sad talking to the elderly people who were homebound and couldn't go to their caucuses but desperately want to get Bush out of the White House.

Before that - I walked up to 15th thinking that I could get detergent to do laundry all morning, but ended up buying more Microphones CDs at Sonic Boom.