January 17th, 2004


this day of nothing in particular

I spent the morning waiting for the FedEx delivery guy and reading techfee proposals to kill time & to be ready for this afternoon's meeting. After the meeting, I read the New Yorker at Solstice until it was time to go across the street to big Time for my department's happy hour. I secured a table & waited for others to arrive. The table expanded and extra folding chairs were retrieved as people arrived.

Later, we broke away for dinner at Cedars before heading downtown (on the recommendation of the Stranger S.A.D. Drinking Issue) to the Fox Sports Grill. Which was as horrible as you'd expect. Silicone, steroids, and a waterfall. We stayed for under an hour before going to Rendezvous, where we had several furniture rearranging adventures and a few pitchers of Chinook. At first, Jeff bought me a gin & tonic, but it tasted like fire water; so I ignored it.

We closed the night at the Cha Cha Lounge. The doorman didn't want to let us in because it was last call, but we persuaded him and ordered a couple of drinks. Later, we had to convince him to admit the rest of our party. It was kind of strange, but whatever.

Now I think it's time for me to sleep.
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