January 12th, 2004



honestly, I have no idea what this means:

I assume that it won't work if it'shidden behind a lj-cut? Does anyone actually understand this thing?
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mentioning the weather

I went to work today and caught up on reading and listened to an interesting conference call. I've been carrying around a stack of articles; so eliminating more from the pile than I add always feels like a good thing.

By the time I left, the beautiful morning weather had turned into rain. A windowless office results in frequent weather surprises. The rain didn't deter me from making an expensive trip to R.E.I., but it made waiting for the bus as it crawled along in rush hour traffic much less pleasant.

Pub quiz at the Irish Emigrant was surprisingly successful. Rachel recruited a couple more team members and we performed admirably yet did not win any money. At least the rain faded into a pretty great light mist.

Oh, I ate three meals today. Weird.
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