January 11th, 2004

the only earth?

on the issues

Online NewsHour and WBUR present this Vote By Issue Quiz comparing the candidates for the 2004 Democratic Primary. You can also read statements about fourteen issues by candidate.

The problem with this site is that so many of the prepared response statements are too similar to differentiate between candidates. Does anyone know of a better resource for comparing the candidates on major issues?

Or maybe they're all just remarkably similar. That might explains why nearly 40% [of Iowans] who express a preference say they could still switch before the caucuses.

[p.s. that link has an interesting dissection of the latest L.A. Times poll showing Dean ahead of Gephardt 30-23 in Iowa]

reading material

In the current issue of the New Yorker, "Running on Instinct," an exceptional 14,500-word profile of Howard Dean. Mark Singer's portrait provides insight about Dean's family, his time at Yale, his political life in Vermont, the growth of the campaign from upstart to attacked front runner.

I haven't read a more complete biography -- get it now before they change their online content.

Or pick up a copy of the magazine while it's still on newsstands. This week's content is remarkably good: Louis Menand sighs about critics, Malcom Gladwell writes about SUVs and safety, and there's a medical dispatch about polio eradication that I haven't read yet. Good stuff!
chair, apartment

1/2 hobo, 1/2 morning bowl yogurt only

Woke up relatively early, swiffered the apartment, watched political shows, and met up with Chris for brunch. We walked down to the Green Cat, where the food was excellent, but the wait was long. We saw Kailin there, and she suggested that this is because every meal is made with love. She & Steven were just getting their meal when we left an hour later.

Later, I walked downtown for some shopping. For the most part I restrained my spending, but I might follow up with some purchases next week. I really need to think in terms of furniture vs. clothing since my apartment decoration is very much stalled.

I had some tea at Victrola and caught up on my New Yorker reading. Before heading home for Sunday night television, I picked up some food for the refrigerator at Rainbow Grocery.
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