December 30th, 2003

i am not a stuffed tiger.

back in seattle

I switched to NyQuil once I had made my connection at DTW and spent most of the five hour flight half asleep, listening to my iPod. Both of the other guys in my row were similarly listening to iPods, but did not appear to be burdened with a cold/flu. I now understand why kids cry during landings. I felt like it was really possible that I'd suffer permanent damage to my eardrums from the weird pressure changes.

Since arriving in Seattle, I've been shuttling from bed to couch with my down comforter (conveniently, my apartment isn't heated during the day) and am feeling a little better. Whether this is due only to the miracle of modern over the counter medication remains to be seen.
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drinking in the dark


Something I read on the plane, "How the Internet Invented Howard Dean" from this month's Wired magazine:
The biggest news of the political season has been the tale of this small-state governor who, with the help of and hundreds of bloggers, has elbowed his way into serious contention for his party's presidential nomination. As every alert citizen knows, Dean has used the Net to raise more money than any other Democratic candidate. He's also used it to organize thousands of volunteers who go door-to-door, write personal letters to likely voters, host meetings, and distribute flyers. [wired]

I'll be at home recovering from a cold, buty you should check out a houseparty tonight more information and a conference call with Dean & Gore.
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