December 24th, 2003

i am not a stuffed tiger.

we wish you a merry xmas

By the looks of the little calendar on my friends page, it's been a while since I posted. Now that I've caught up reading, I feel like I should write something.

Things in Kalamazoo have been pretty much some variation of hanging out with my family and doing xmas shopping. The process of driving places, parking, walking around, traffic, etc. takes a surprising amount of time. I'd sort of forgotten about that since I usually just go downtown to shop.

The big recent highlight was the table15 solstice/etc. party last night. When I arrived, everyone was very interested in Jenna's preparation of a cheese plate. Soon, the focus shifted to eating the cheese, crackers, and cookies while lasagna, salad, and bread were prepared. When Fred and Steve arrived, it became apparent that we were severely outnumbered by the beer. Not to mention wine and Aaron's very foamy rum soaked egg nog creation. After dinner and an exciting phone call from Cindy, we proceeded to the Second Annual Table 15 White Elephant Gift Exchange Showdown Challenge. Many of the gifts were fantastically horrible -- highlights included Orinocco Flow: the music of Enya performed by some non-enya musician, a bobble pig, a Lighthouses of Lake Huron shot glass, an assortment of weird teacher gifts, :08 minute buns video (unnecessarily received by Fred who proclaimed his ass to be "already as tight as possible") -- but the most stolen gift was the light-up reindeer that I re-gifted (see photos). With the excitement of the gifts behind us, we proceeded to mostly ignore a Jenna game of Questions until it turned into "Jenna answers the questions for everyone else," which is actually a huge improvement over the original.

By the end of the party, all of our cars were covered with fresh snow. It's mostly melted again, but it was a nice flashback to the days of the VHS parking lot.